WTB: Stick Repair Service


I posted in the Electric Trouble section of this forum subject before regarding my joystick.

Anyway, the joystick broke down, and now I am unable to get it fixed. I have had help from an awesome guy. Unfortunately though, he was unable to fix it. I do really appreciate his efforts.

I write this thinking two things, I either have to buy a new joystick and play SF4 with that or just quit the game altogether. I am an unemployed student whom have spent about $160 on the broken stick. The person who made it is now unable to help due to having circumstances (I understand). Another gentleman was about to help me out but due to school, he is too busy to do so.

So my question is: Is there anyone in the Bay Area willing to look at and fix my arcade stick? I am willing to pay up to $60 for doing so. I really can’t afford anymore than that.

Ed at arcade the box contacted me regarding helping, but he is currently slammed plus, with the shipping and repair, I’m not sure I can manage the repair costs considering he is in AZ.

The issue with the stick is that it does not move right. The medium kick button sometimes does not work. I have replacement sanwa buttons if it turns out to be the button, but I’m thinking it’s the wiring cause I already tried replacing it myself.

I’m just sad cause I spent all this money only to be frustrated playing the game I really love to play. I have a pad now, but it’s not working as well for me as the stick did.

So… if there is no response to this post in the next two weeks, I guess maybe it’s time I hang up the game. I guess I’m at that point with it if anything due to the controller and such.

If anyone is willing to help, please let me know. I’m not crying out looking for attention, but rather, I’m just a frustrated gamer who wants to enjoy a game and get value out of something he spent his hard earn money on. Thanks for listening!

Console and stick model?


I want toknow too although Ouroborus might be able to help.

You could always sell the shell and buy yourself a madcatz and swap the buttons or one of the cheaper horis

This info, plus whatever mods you’ve done, would definitely help get a better idea of what the issue is. Also, where in the bay are you from?

You should be more specific. Kinda sounds like it’s the joystick’s PCB if it’s a JLF.

Can you get us some pictures of the inside of the stick?

can we get pics of the sticks wiring and the buttons wiring. Have you checked for bad connection. Like the qd was crimped correctly and check the grounds.

edit- beat me lucky lol

RayU or I can help you if you live in the North Bay. But some specifics would help…

edit: Okay I guess you’re from SJ and have an ETAC (Electronic Trouble?) stick. What kind of PCB did BJ use? If you want to roll out to Vallejo. We can take a look at it as long as your a cool guy.

Hey thank you everyone for responding to the thread. I couldn’t find it for a while cause the subject was changed… :P.

Anyway, let me see if I can answer your questions.

First I’m in Northern CA, Sunnyvale to be exact.

Hopefully these are the answers you’re looking for regarding the stick:
Stick is a competition (or as someone said, a perfect 360)
Buttons are sanwas
The stick was custom made by Electric Trouble.
I’m not sure of the other info as I’m a newbie… but I tried to fix the button myself, and there was a lot of wires inside. Sean who helped me prior said that there was a lot of glue, so he couldn’t do much.

The system it works for is either the PS2 or PS3. There’s a switch on the side. The stick worked great until the medium kick starting acting up. I’m not sure what else to tell you. As for the picture, I’ll have it soon. I left it at my cousins… I’ll be getting it from him on Sunday as I went to visit and show him the stick.

Well, once we get some decent pics we can see whats up, thanks for the update.

Eesh a perfect 360 HAPP? Well take good pictures and we’ll go from there…

Will do :). I’ll have some pics by Monday. Thanks again guys.

No problem, keep us posted.

SRK, your personal army >_>

Hey I have some time opening up this week Sunday and Monday. If I have to replace the PCB I’ll take the $60 to rewire up the stick. If I can get it working without having to do much, then the repair is free.

You using it for what console? If I need to get a replacement PCB that where part of your $60 is going to. Also what PCB is it?

Good Luck dude, hopefully you can get that thing up and running bruddah.

I wish I coulda helped more, but the wiring was too much for me to handle :confused:

Thank you so much Sean :). I really appreciate all your assistance in trying to help. I’ll let you know if I get this up and running again with further help.

Sorry for the delay everyone, thank you so much for wanting to help. I finally got the controller back and had a busy week so far. Anyway, here are the pictures:

Thanks a lot. Hope that helps. Please let me know what you think.

Bad me… it was the copy and pasting from the site… let me some again:

Dude…that is one ghetto ass stick…good luck, I’m out xD