WTB stick with sanwa parts


Currently have/willing to spend $50 on a good quality stick w/ sanwa parts (I mean, I don’t exactly need it to be mint condition, but…). :c
Wanting to get into fighting games starting with stick/hitbox (but I know I can’t afford a hitbox), but everything just costs so much. There was a thread with a modded Brawlstick for $60, but $50 was already pushing my limit.

Might be asking for a bit much, not sure.

Located in CA.


What system?


Any system but the Wii, since I think any of them besides the Wii work with PC (but maybe XBox to be safe? not sure).


Where in CA you located?


A ps3 one will work fine, I have one that I’d be willing to sell though the stick is a hori one (to me it feels great) buttons are sanwa. Can post pics if interested?