WTB: Stick

Yes i know my post’s title is a bit general…haha.

I want to buy a stick but I’m pretty broke right now. I’m open to japanese or american style. I’m looking to spend up to $100 shipped.

Let me know if anyone out there is looking to sell a stick.


Hori Tekken 5 stick is your best bet, great stick for the price, and modable for the future, or liquidable when you want to save up for a custom. Anything else is out of your price range. So thats your best bet.

I’ve got this guy for 130 if you think you can afford it… http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=152569

But yeah, if you want cheap, go for the t5 stick. It’s pretty decent even with stock parts and it’s pretty easy to upgrade.

Does the T5 stick use those crappy buttons soldered directly to the PCB? (I hate those!).

Where can I find one without Tekken 5 bundled? How much do these usually run now?

HAHHAHAH yeah… dont we all…
prob 60… with like 15 shipping

I have the stick I just built, up here if you’re interested.


The Tekken ones do have the buttons to the PCB AFAIK.

There are I think 2 or 3 of the Tekken bundles on Ebay atm. One is $69.99 BIN with $20 shipping, the other is $79.99 BIN with $14.99 shipping.

that looks pretty sweet man. Are the buttons Happ competition or are they concave? What is an iL competition stick?

i think the iL comp is basically the happ comp before it turned to shit.

They are concave.
If you go to lizard lick, they are the Happ/iL Translucent Pushbutton with horizontal microswitch.

If you’re interested in it, I can easily order 6 of the Happ red convex ones to match.

The iL is pretty much the Happ competition. But doesn’t have the issues the Happ ones have with the black actuator. So no sanding down.

Any reason for selling?

Well, I just got my Arcade In a box from Ed for the X360, and I have a VSHG on the way from Japan for my PS3. I have a Pelican adapter, but honestly think its a PITA and annoying to use, when I’ll have the VSHG to just keep plugged in. May ditch the Pelican as well…still debating the issue.

pm sent to Imitrex

Why don’t you just keep the pelican plugged in?

I have a VSHG on the way, and I just ordered a HRAP 3, so will be selling the Pelican as well. :smile:

At least someone knows how I feel. I just got my VSHG and I got two HRAP2s and a custom sanwa as well. This freakin stick thing is like drugs you just can’t stop lol:lovin:.

Wow nobody can even sell theirs for about $100. What is the world coming to? How about if the guy has $200? Will anyone sell then? $300 because it has custom artwork? I’m sure someone here has a bunch of sticks laying around.

Price isn’t a question. We use our sticks. We see no reasons in selling them.
The people that work on making/modding sticks are pretty backed up right now.

Haha. You aren’t kidding! It’s addictive! Already ordered buttons/ball tops for my inc joysticks. Ugh, this is going to kill me.

As for the no one selling for $100, mine is pretty darn close! :smile:

Keep your head up, mate! It’ll come around!

So your keeping it on eBay until it actually sells? if someone offers a deal on here will you end it early?

Also, again keeping the Pelican plugged in is sorta like just keeping the two other USB sticks in as well. But it’s your choice, can I see more pictures of your stick and when are you gonna sell the pelican?

No sir. I have had a couple of inquiries, and would pull it off ebay should I sell it to an SRK member. I have the stick boxed up atm, but will pull it out tomorrow, and snap some more pics if you would like. Not sure if you saw, I posted a builders log here (http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=152027) of the stick. The wiring is a little different now, due to the PCB shown in the build log, not registering a couple buttons, so I had to put a new one in, which it works flawlessly now.

The main reason for not wanting to use the Pelican for me, is the annoyance of having to get up and press the “PS” button on the adapter any time I want to access something else. A very minor or trivial annoyance, I know. I’m just quirky like that. As for selling it, I still need to think about it…I forgot to think of future projects and testing them out. Currently in the process of attempting a few things in the stick building/modding department, and have access to quite a lot of the solderless hack PCB’s for PS1 DS.