WTB Sticks for <$200


I’m planning on buying my first stick soon, as of now, I am planning on getting a brand new Qanba Q4 for $150 shipped. UNLESS, I can find a better deal on a better stick here. So let me see what you have. 360 or dual.


Nvm Can’t sell yet misread the FAQ.


you dont meet the selling requirements


Check out my thread: Whaaat! Custom Fight sticks


Those are out of my listed price range.
No one else?




Brand New Qanba for $150 shipped? Where?


True. I thought It was for $150 shipped only to be hit with a $70 shipping fee at the end. :smiley:


Don’t forget about arcadeshock.com. They ship from LA and are currently having a 10% promotion on their Qanbas for NCR.


$180 - TE-S Multi console modded


pm sent


Bought a stick from lolmark. Thanks for all the responses.