WTB: Stock AgeTec top panel Screws. (7 total)

I’m finishing up an AgeTec stick and i’m looking to buy the seven stock top screws that came on these. I have a complete set, but mine are very rusty. i’m looking for a set in good condition.

These are the ones i’m looking for…

As you can see, mine are dirty/rusty.

If you have some of these laying around, please let me know what you want for them shipped to 32301.


What kind of buttons are those on the back of the MK TE?

2 Seimitsu 24 mm and 2 radio shack buttons.


That TE case is tempting, but I already have 3 TE-S’ lol

All PM’s replied to.

sending payment by friday

TE Cases Sold.

PCB Still available. 13$ Shipped.

i’ll take the Agetec PCB. pm me your Paypal info please =)

Can’t wait to have those cases. Thanks a lot again :slight_smile: :tup:

All Items Shipped. Updated to WTB AgeTec Top panel Screws.