WTB Stock Apple Ipod Headphones

I’m looking to buy a NEW set of Apple Ipod headphones. I do NOT want used ones. I’m looking for a set still in its plastic wrap. Please PM me if you have a set you want to get rid. PM your price as well.

you gotta name your price…also need one with or without the mic?

Looking for something without a mic. Last time i got some here it was for $10 shipped so I would like to get the same deal. I am flexible though.

I might be able to help you…

I’ve got a 5th Gen Nano iPod and well all the iPods ship with earbuds. I hate 'em. They put stress on my inner ear and frankly I like wearing foam-padded headphones better. The only earbuds I wear are a different broad that have silica buds. Much, much more comfortable to me.

IF the Apple standard earbuds are what you’re looking for, we can make a deal.

Here’s a pic of them…

Probably be cheaper to mail in a foam envelope than anything else I’ve sold. Most of my stuff needed to be shipped in hard cardboard boxes!

P.S. – It goes without saying I’ve NEVER worn these earbuds!

Again, I HATE this style of earbuds… and I can understand people wanting not to catch someone else’s cooties! It’s a concern I share, too!