WTB: street fighter 15th anniversary arcade stick

if anyone is selling one of these, modded/not modded for a decent price…let me know. i’m looking to spend something along the lines of 50 bucks or so plus shipping. i have one that i’m looking to mod, and if you mod sticks, even better…i have some ideas to pass to you. pretty much i’m keeping it american style but putting new batstick, new buttons and what not…switching the 2 smaller buttons above the joystick to the side, or back of the stick instead. adding a mic input, play and charge kit…maybe even making this stick wireless for the 360. let me know if your up for the challenge, or selling one of these. thanks

I have one modded for xbox 360 with new happ stick and buttons. It’s only a six button lay out, so the two far right are button plugs. $90 shipped. Let me know if you want pics or even interested. I know it’s outta your range asking, but you live pretty far too.

I have one i can sell for 50 plus shipping. It not modded and is stock. PM me