WTB: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection PS2

I’m looking for a copy of SF Anniversary for PS2. I don’t really want to spend any more than $25 including shipping to California. I am in the Bay Area.

I found this in the eBay ads on the left side of SRK forums while reading your title.


There might be some cheaper but I didn’t bother to look.


I have it for $25 shipped sealed NEW. PM me.

Well my problem right now is that I can’t access my PayPal account otherwise I would bid on that Ebay one. I could just order it off Amazon’s used list but sometimes the quality of used items on there isn’t so great. I recently ordered a used PS1 controller and a copy of another PS2 game and the controller was not working right and the PS2 game was kinda scratched up and the manual was in bad condition. So that’s why I asked here first.