WTB: Street Fighter Anniversary Stick

Anyone here have one in good shape and at a good price? I could really use another one. It would be even better if it already has a happ comp stick and buttons. Let me know.


Pablo, how much are you willing to spend?

I paid around 80+ shipping for my other SF anniversary stick, and it already had a comp stick and buttons installed. It was a good deal in my view. PM me some numbers if you wish and we can work from there.


Please PM me because i have an SFAC stick to get rid of.

Sorry to intrude on Pablo’s thread but I know someone who is looking for one too. Unfortunately he can only afford $80 max (so with shipping and everything) which is very low I know but maybe someone is willing to get rid of one cheap (I don’t think condition matters much as long as it works).

I’ll get to you on that.

i have one for sale

i have one for sale, original box as well, manual and everything…only thing missing is the actual poster i think. stick is in great condition, other than the fact that the little piece under it has unglued off. you can glue it back on with a gun, its not broken or nothing. stick works fine and all. i would actually rather trade it for a xbox 360 modded stick seeing as how i need one. or else i guess 80 shipped. i can post some pics later if need be^^

NOTE: BTW this is the stock stick, no mods have been done to it.

I have one for sale too!

I have one for sale. Doesn’t include box, manual and poster. In great condition (9.5 of 10), the bottom-right, a pain-line is stripped out (around 2mm tall, less than 1mm thick) and it’s not a big deal. Fully functional, tested out on 7 consoles, parts not have been touched (unmodded). I’ll also include the BradyGames SFAC guide as well. Asking $90CDN OBO, will ship but shipping costs will vary among location. I don’t mind shipping worldwide but I’ve had problems with USPS in the past and due to that, Canadians will get priority on this. Money Order only (can’t accept Paypal at the moment) and must be set in Canadian funds.

i have one for sale… ill do 100 dollars shipped… it comes with a red set of 6 convex buttons(happ) and a red happ competittion stick… everything is new. i made it for a friend and he never picked it up in like the last 7 months so its like brand new.

easy to change the art work and also there are 2 button plugs for the buttons not there. comes with a stock soft spring but i can add a hard spring free of charge.

if paying with paypal please make it $103 to cover the paypal fees for me… thanks and this offer is open to anyone or ill put it in my for sale thread im making soon.