WTB Street Fighter Anniversary Stick

I prefer stock. I’m also looking at around 60-70shipped to East Side Canada. I will pay with paypal if you live in Toronto or the GTA area I can do cash.

I have a gutted stick (basically just the box and PCB available). I live in California. PM me if you are interested.


Message box full nG.



pm’d back

nG or anyone else: How do people ship from the US to Canada? UPS is giving me like $110 shipping cost.

edit: and $95 at DHL…

wow. :expressionless:

Which company are you using? What dimensions? What weight?
how many business days are you setting?

For a single trick, mark it as a gift. Also, a blank SFAE stick should cost no more then 20 dollars to shipped.
I use to ship tires all over the USA and for a full set of 4 in a CRATE, costed me 120 with shipping materials included. This was with Canada Post. USPS is typically better with prices then ANY other company for shipping. For the love of god, never ship across border with UPS. they charge the Canadian Freight charges PLUS their own additional charges for handling. It works out to be approximately 40 dollars more when you pick it up. Bullshit, yeap.
Fedex also does this, but they are much better in their charges. Last time i picked up a set of automotive parts (approximately 25 lbs) from florida and the total cost was approximately 40 dollars to ship.
All of my costs are in Canadian dollars too.

Any other questions pm me, i am sure i can help you ship stuff.

Shipping sfac stick from that size to usa to canada costs from 40 to 45 dollars. Also nGuman Have little more patience, my seller has shipped my sfac stick again so it should arrive this week or early next week. So when i have it in hand will pm u letting u know ok.

Like i said its hard to find good price for sfac stick from usa shipping to canada. Mines cost 101 usd shipped from usa to canada and im selling it to u for 80 dollars. So im still losing money.

Alright close thread

Again, if you are paying 40 dollars to ship it, you got ripped off.

Again, if you are paying 40 dollars to ship it, you got ripped off.

not really b/c when i get the sfac stick using usps, i see the price on the postal label and its same as i paid. U got remember sfac stick is big ass stick and heavy. I remember i bought one last year on ebay and the selller only charge 28 dollars and he had to pay 10 dollars extra for it cost 38 dollars. For me yes usps has the best in usa. But believe it not shipping from canada to usa its cheaper then shipping from usa to canada.