WTB: Street Fighter Club event poster

If you have the poster from the Brooklyn Street Fighter Club - in decent condition or better - I would like to buy it from you. I think $10 is reasonable, but I have no idea what the going rate for these is (so feel free to correct me if they’re going for more). It’s the one with October 24 on it, with Guile getting shocked.

The NY poster: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3152/2970989122_66d759d6fb.jpg

Or, if you want, I’ll trade you the San Francisco one (that I got 2 of). In excellent condition - it has stayed in its roll since the night I got it at the event.

The SF poster: http://xbox360media.ign.com/xbox360/image/article/945/945004/street-fighter-iv-20090114014911157.jpg

Is the poster the only thing you have ? i might want to buy one. Even moreso, do you have the t shirt still? i REALLY want that.

I’d also like to buy your poster. I offer one thousand camels.