WTB: Street Fighter EX2 Plus Arcade PCB Board


Hi, I was wondering if anyone was selling an arcade board of Street Fighter EX2 Plus(Game and Motherboard, and preferably the Japanese version, but U.S Version is fine too also) for a decent price? Thanks.


I saw one on ebay for 250 of unknown verison and one on coinopexpress for almost 300. I don’t remember if the one that I got was on ebay or yahoo auctions (but they don’t have a listing for it currently anyway).


Yea I seen that one but I’m not too crazy about eBay to be honest. I was supposed to buy one from lyonsarcade for 140 but I guess they sold it. I figured this would be my next best bet.


Well if you do happen across the game, don’t unplug it from the motherboard and plug in a new one. I swapped out games like that once and it deleted my save data. So 500 hours of letting the machine on just to reunlock everything.

Try messaging Jason Wilson about it. I know he had a board for one of his arcades, perhaps he’d be willing to sell it.


Whats his Email or Tag or way of contact? yea I definitely don’t wanna do that. I got Shadow and Garuda already, don’t wanna lose everything when im so close to kairi.