WTB: Street Fighter Moves List Insert For Japanese Sega Cabinets

I don’t know if anyone has these or knows where to get them. thanks

which game are you looking for? these movestrips came as part of the arcade kit when operators bought the game. they come up for sale every once in a while, but seem pretty hard to get otherwise.

i did find a site that has some arcade art scans though.


^^ has the “A” and “B” strips for 3s.

thanks a lot … those 3s ones should do the trick

I’ve got a set of original Japanese 3S movestrips for sale but currently on hold for someone else. If interested I can drop you a line if the current buyer drops out.

ill buy them if he falls thru

those prints are great, but the size that i need (approx 19 x 2.75) is the size of just one-of-two character sheet for 3s. i was wondering if theres another 3s or sf2 move list floating around with complete characters and info all within the 19 x 2.75 standard size.