WTB: Street Fighter (UDON) Comic Series, Action Figures, collectibles

I’ve recently started to establish a small Street Fighter collection and would love to accumulate some of the comic book series – partially as a collector but mostly because I would like to read them for the story and artwork. Complete sets or groups would be great but I’m open to buying individual’s too.

Also willing to absorb any other collectibles anyone is willing to let go at a fair price, namely action figures and things of that nature. I have (open) Figuax busts of Chun-Li, Vega, Ryu, and Akuma; as well as (unopened) Street Fighter II keychains (the ones inside the clear plastic boxes) of Guile, E. Honda, Ryu, and Ken. Would love to complete these collections as much as possible!

Edit: I am now mostly looking for the power foil (only have Sakura, Bison, and Chun-Li so far) and other rare variant (df, raw) covers in the comics. I also have a robust Sota collection (only lacking Sagat, Honda, Zangief, Dhalsim as far as player 1s go) and a handful of Neca and Play Arts figures. Also collecting Kidrobot figures (need Bison in series 1, most of series 2, and exclusives). I would also love to acquire a Street Fighter 25th anniversary Chess Set if anyone’s is just collecting dust! So if anyone has anything that they are looking to get rid of just let me know what it is and the price range you’re looking for and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.

Hey dude.

See [my thread](WTS Street Fighter/Udon/Capcom memorabilia - calling all collectors! it’s always updated and most things are is still available!

You may be in luck! I have had these comics for a while:

All are in excellent condition, probably read once back when they were published. Are you interested?

@KGershoff that says that the link expired or something, plus I don’t have a facebook account.

for anyone else who may happen to look at this thread, I am VERY INTERESTED in trying to obtain these two figures:

-Sota Round One Sagat (blue trunks)
-Sota ROTOCAST Sagat (orange trunks)

if anyone happens to have them and need a lil cash (or possibly trading ONCE I HIT MY SIX MONTH MARK in october), let me know!

Ok, then. I have the SF Udon comics 1-6 that were published in '03, and are in excellent condition. I don’t know how to put pictures from my computer onto a post like this one.

I have 12 Kidrobot Street Fighter (Series 2) Blind Boxes in my thread.