WTB: Street Fighter x Tekken V.S Edition Arcade Stick!


Looking to buy the v.s edition stick for xbox 360. Also an octagon gate. If not then just the stick is fine. Thanks.


How much are you willing to pay, mine is dual modded so its gonna be more than a normal 360 stick…??


How much you selling it for?? Pics???


Give me a few minutes and I’ll post pics and a price.



#1. It has an auto detect dual mod, and RJ45 mod all done by Gummowned

#2. It currently has a Phreakmods JLF quick release shaft, but will come with a regular Sanwa JLF shaft and black sanwa ball top, unless you wanted to buy the quick release as well.

#3. Because I only use 6 buttons the last two holes have button plugs and there are no quick disconnect wires for those last two buttons.

#4. It currently has a square gate.

In the current state I’d be asking $255 shipped.


was just about to post this in the sale thread. i can put the stock XBOX colored buttons back in if you’d like. don’t have an octo-gate unfortunately. $180 shipped to CONUS.


Thanks but I just got a new 1 on eBay for 165. Will buy buttons and ball top though if you’re willing to part with them.