WTB: Stuff

I’ll probably keep this post updated for stuff I’m looking for. Feel free to PM me any offers you might have. Thanks.

The Rumble Fish (PS2)
King of Fighters NeoWave (Non-Best PS2)
Guilty Gear Accent Core (Original JP Version, JP Append Disk and US PS2 Plus w/Bonus)
King of Fighters 98 & 2002UM (US 98 w/Bonus and Non-Best 2002 and Tokugeki)
XBOX 360 JP Console (HDMI Fat)
Converters (PS2 to PS3, 360, OG XBOX, Wii and DC) Would prefer a Pelican (PS3) and a Dream Connection (DC).
Future Press Bayonetta Guide (English Version)
N64 Controllers

BlazBlue: Continum Shift from iQuick. Good Looking Fam.

PM Sent.

Updated First Post.


Bumping because I’m selling a $15 iTunes Card.

Willing to listen to any reasonable offer.

Would prefer to trade up to a 1600 MS Card or use as a trade toward something else.

Just curious, what are you offering for Rumble Fish?