WTB: Super Gun with PlayStation port

Not sure if anyone can do this, but i’ll pay pretty well if someoone can do this.

I could do it, but its a shit ton of work. Give your price and details (what boards will be used with it, size or material restrictions, etc.

is it like a db15(or w/e is std for superguns) to psx converter? if so that sounds pretty hot.

Been wanting something like this for a long time–keep me updated.

laugh, would it be just what N-Ken said, a PSX female port connector and a DB 15 pin Male connector for the other side?

laugh: I’ll pay you welll if you can make me a couple more…

laugh dunno if you want to do a bunch of them but if you feel like it let me know about how much you’d charge, Im interested in a couple depending on how much theyd run.

Probably prefer independent housing but it doesnt make a huge difference to me, Im definitely interested in a pair if you get them working well and I can use it with my supergun pinout(D-Lite gun)

Hey laugh,

Personally, I would prefer two single converters with some kind of independent housing and edge connectors. I think a double converter would look a little tacky, and I use a Japanese Sigma series Supergun which is way too small to fit any kind of bare PCB.

Since most Superguns already have DB15 connectors, it would be a ton of work to modify them and add Playstation ports. Also, there are a lot of Supergun users (like SHMUPS fans) that only need one controller and thus one converter.

So: two single converters, inside an independent housing! Please!! Would gladly pay $90-$100 for this.

Has this been done yet? I am also willing to pay well for this. I am currently building a Super Gun for my ST board and would to be able to use my Hori sticks!

Assuming you are staying with digital and/or dual shock 1 support, the serial clock frequency should be right around 250KHz. It’s not really worth it to try DS2 support since you only need digital information. Give it your best, and let me know if you give up on it so I can give it a swing.

WOW! great stuff laugh!

so will you have these for sale soon?

great job!

Yay!!! You Rock! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

This is awesome

How does the button layout work ooc?

Since there’s one wire for each button/direction on the SG, you should be able to wire the layout any way you wanted.

laugh, you’re free to gank the on the fly button mapping code from the UPCB if it’d help.

by default it should be (with Neo-Geo DB15 layout):

Square - Button 1
Triangle - Button 2
R1 - Button 3
X - Button 4
Circle - Button 5
R2 - Button 6

laugh, when can I buy a set or two from you? Really want to get this.

I want two sets too if you’re gonna sell them. im about to pick up my supergun and everything while im in tokyo now.