WTB Super Puzzle Fighter 2 CPS-2

Hey guys,

I’m looking for Super Puzzle Fighter 2 on CPS-2. No dead battery please. I will pay if the price is decent.

Hope to hear from someone. Let me know.

I think i have one in storage i’ll get back to you on that one.

Would be awesome if you have it. Let me know. Shipping would also be to California, US.

Ok the one that i have is “Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo” Cps2 board. It works perfectly. Would you be willing to pay $250 free shipping???

Sorry man not for $250. I was gonna get it on ebay for 90 but my internet cut off and my gf was playing wow… she wouldn’t move. Thanks anyway.

sorry about that :sad: i would sell it cheaper but that’s the last one i got. BTW what version are you looking for??? Because mine is the US ver. Blue Shell it’s the most expensive ones. Mr. Hai told me that those don’t have Suicide Batteries or something like that.

it’s ok. no worries. the one i was bidding on was also blue.

ok then good luck :tup:

Does anyone have one? Sorry, I recieved a PM today but whatever happened to SRK just now caused me to lose that PM. So whoever it was, PM ME!

puzzle fighter

yeah i got one just added the new battery yesterday im not trying to rape you on the price how much do you want to spend though i have no clue how much its worth
its blue and do you need the a board too?