WTB:Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X Grand Master Challenge JAPANESE GAME

Im looking for the jap version of the game. A&B boards are needed. MUST BE WORKING!!!

Buy directly from Japan, it’ll likely be half the cost of buying from overpriced US sellers. Fujita sells an A+B board combo at 6500 JPY plus shipping.

keep in mind shipping is a grip, so it nearly equates to what it is going for over here

thank you. if i cant find somebody in the US to sell i will get it from here.

im looking at the excel sheet they give u for prices and i cant find the stuff i need. can u please show me all the things i would need to run the game.

Motherboards are already included in the price of every CPS2 game on the list, so assuming you have a JAMMA setup shouldn’t need anything beyond “SUPER S/F II X” listed at 6500 JPY. Well, perhaps a kick harness, which should be available around 300 if you ask.

where are you seeing this? when i go to that site and click on products it prompts me to download a pricelist.xls. i download it and can only find SUPER S/F II(cps2 system) and no SSF2T. unless i have to open the site up with a different web browser.

Turns out that aside from the current price list there is also one from July 2000 embedded in the same file. This normally isn’t visible in Excel, but when I opened the file my default application for spreadsheets happened to be Numbers which gladly showed me this antiquated list before the normal sheets!

Anyway, the current price list is already a month old and SSF2X isn’t exactly rare so just send them a stock inquiry by email. Last time I saw it on a more recent list it was 6000 including motherboard as I recall. Otherwise there is always Yahoo Japan Auctions, think I won my latest board with a bid of 2000…

I actually just asked them about SF2X:GMC and they said they can get it no problem.
You just wanna order a SF2X board and a “CP2 system board” or whatever they list it on the price sheet. And probably the kick harness.