WTB: Super Turbo and Hyper Fighting B Boards

I already have the A Boards and now im looking for the B ones, anyone here would like to sell them?

I have an extra HF A+B but the sound is nonworking – I wasn’t under the impression that a lot of people sold CPS1 A boards separately. If you’re interested let me know – I (over)paid about $40 for it

i think he means the hyper fighting anniversary board. they are on ebay and expesive as hell. im pretty sure that is the best way to get hyper fighting as i havent seen it anywhere else. the guy selling them is legit, and from mexico.

heres the link

super turbo pops up on ebay and neo-geo.com from time to time. just gotta keep an eye out for em.

Wow Hyper Fighting Anniversary is freaking expensive … Also Ghaleon Jimmy opened this thread for me cause i was too busy lol … yeah i forgot to tell him Hyper the old one is CPS1

Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

Someone on arcadeotaku.com is selling ST japanEse version for 85 pounds. Register to the site and send him a pm tonsee if he’ll do international shipping.