WTB: Super Turbo or Grandmaster Challenge CPS2 board


I’ve been feeling that itch for ST again, and HDR doesn’t scratch it. Anyone want to make an old man’s X-mas wish come true? :slight_smile:

I also have a bunch of sticks and things I would be willing to trade (or trade + cash), such as:

HRAP VLX for x360 (have a Kitty board to dual mod, but never put it in; I could include it as well)
Namco PSX joysticks
PS2 Tekken 5 Hori sticks
Dreamcast Green Goblins
SF Anniversary stick w/box
new MK9 PDP TE
other stuff to be added later…

Thanks for looking!




Still looking for one HAN? I might be interested in trading for the Agetec sticks if you got em.


I’m still looking for one, I’d heavily prefer the blue US version or green Asian one, not really interested in the grey board. What version is yours?


I’ve got the green board.