WTB: Supergun

Looking for supergun preferably a japanese style like a Sigma or Panatwin, but atm anything would work lol.


I have a MAS System (Super Gun) for sale. I am in San Francisco

How much?

$100 for just the system with out Joystick.

I have two joystick, both with Perfect 360 Optical stick and ALL Competition Buttons. It is setup with regular XBOX as well as MAS.

The Joysticks are $80 each.

System with 2 Joysticks are $250. Local pickup only. Sorry no shipping.

All in Excellent Condition.

i’m in San Francisco.


This guy makes AMAZING SuperGuns. Different than any I’ve seen. You can hook up any NEO GEO pad or get a NEO Joy converter and use PS2 sticks and pads. The last one sold for $400 though. Kinda high but very slick. Perfect for 5 or 6 button fighters with those kick harness clips on the back. I’m going to try to make one for myself. The MAS SuperGun I have now just isn’t as fighter friendly. Needs to be rewired.

I bid on it, and he restarted the bid saying that I didn’t have enough feedback for ebay. I’m looking on neo-geo.com and will probably get a candy cab instead.

Sent you a PM