WTB: Suzo Case or Complete Stick

I know this may be a tough request.

Does anyone make cases that will take a Suzo stick? I’m not sure if the Inductive mounts differently than the 500. Let’s assume the 500 since they’re cheaper and easily obtained.

I just want to play around with one and compare it to an LS-32 for shmups. Here’s one that ecKsniNe did a while back. As best I know he’s missing in action.


I don’t mind if the box is ghetto as long as the stick doesn’t mount as high as ecKsniNe has it. It needs to sink into the case a little (like the poster after him mentions). I’d prefer a complete stick but an empty box is fine as well as long as it will take 30mm buttons.

Hit me up via PM preferably with pictures.


Please please please let me know how the Suzo is after you try it. Im looking at making a Shmup cabinet, and will most likely use a Suzo 500. Wonder how it is compared to an LS-32.

Do you have a Suzo inductive?

Nope. I didn’t receive any responses to this either. From what I understand it’s supposed to be more precise than an LS-32. It has large base and a non-standard mount so no one makes cases for them. That ecKsniNe was the only example I could find.