Wtb- swapmagic for ps2

im looking for the swapmagic for ps2 , if no one has any does anyone know any websites that sell it, i’ve looked but couldnt find it on any…

i dont have a site name…am im %100 sure you dont have a flip top, so just google ps2 fliptops and youll find what you need. They come with the flip top for free

WHAT!!! mine didnt…them bastards…:crybaby:

wow…then it be like no point as to having a flip top…whered you get it from?


I got it here…it says now that they get a slide card…I didnt even get that.

Im not even sure where i got mine…i brought mine months ago so i could buy slash and accent core…cost me like around $30

try this



Ordered two sets of flip-tops from them last year. Great service.

Why not just get a mod chip?

oh yea, that where i got mine from.

Mod chips are to risky…wouldnt want to kill your ps2

I’ve got one. Works fine. That said, they’re risky if you mess up the installation. Otherwise, no problems.

Well im lazy…so i prefer the quick way, and i was nervous bout my ps2.lol

cool thx guys im gonna finally get to play imports that ive put off forever :>