WTB/T: CVS287 Scart to YUV (Component) trans.; FS/T: High-Box Component to VGA adapt


Hello. i just dug out my Saturn for some nostalgia, and I love it so much. However, when I played a fighting game on my PS2 with component out on my SDTV, I noticed a huge difference in the picture quality compared to the Saturn version with composite. It’s so much more crisp on my PS2. Unfortunately, component cables for the Saturn don’t exist. Scart cables (which have identical picture quality to component) however do.

To make a long story short, I want the best picture quality possible on my Saturn I need a cvs287 scart to yuv component transcoder in order to connect the scart cable to my tv.

NEW SCART RGB to YUV Component Video Converter,Scaler - eBay (item 220698772855 end time Jan-17-11 08:12:23 PST)

However, $50 for the transcoder is just too much money for me to part with, so if anyone has a transcoder like the one there, I’ll take it for $40 + shipping. I’ll pay another $5 if it’s been modded with L and R audio cables (red & white/black).

Likewise, I’ll part with my High-Box Component to VGA Encoder in exchange for a CVS287 Scart to YUV transcoder, or for $30 (shipping included). This allows you to hook up any systems with component output to a vga monitor. It comes with a 5v power cable and a male-to-male vga cable.


Price increased.


Don’t mean to troll but if you find one online for cheap let me know I wanted to do the same thing with my Saturn I just recently purchased but I gave up and went with s-video


I’ve increased the price I’m willing to pay for the converter again to $40. I’d also really like to get rid of the component to vga converter, so I’ll part with it for $30 (shipping included) if anyone’s interested.