WTB - T-Moulding

I’m looking to get some replacement t-moulding for my SFAC stick. I don’t really need a ton, if anyone here has some extra I could use, I’d be glad to buy it off you. Black would be prefferred, but anything at all would be welcome. thanks

I believe Lizardlick has it, if you ask Chad.

i didnt see any on the site

im looking to get some too, the one on mine is bending and hasnt been the same since I modded it =(

You have to ask him personally, he used to, or still restore arcades, so he should have some.

Will do, thanks for the advice. I checked there first, but didn’t see any. Thanks!

I bought some on EBay. Pretty cheap and they sell it by the foot.


why not just order from http://www.t-molding.com/store/home.php

Dang, that’s like a real life Spatula City!

thanks for the links.

i painted mine and i dont like it.

i called lowes and i got transfered to like a bunch of people only like one person knew what i was talking about.

but i was wondering do you guys know if they sell it there and how much?

called home depot no luck.

sorry if im jacking up the thread.