I had 2 copies and my brother’s friends jacked both of them, GG. Just thought I’d see how much someone might sell it for.

They also took my Street Fighter Anniversary Collection + CvS2 :sweat:. Interested in those too somewhat, just that MvC2 is my main priority.

Also would be willing to trade some of the stuff in the following list for it:

  • Entourage Season 1 DVD Set
  • Entourage Season 2 DVD Set
  • Entourage Season 3, Part 1 DVD Set
  • Crank [Blu-ray]
  • Madden 07 [PS3]
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance [PS3]
  • NBA 2K7 [PS3]
  • Marvel Civil War #3 Turner Variant Signed by Michael Turner (#33 of 50 in the limited series) with Certificate of Authenticity, MINT Condition (Still in its original plastic sleeve, sealed by a sticker)
  • Naruto [First Edition, Limited Edition] vol. 1 Holographic Cover (4911 of 5000), MINT Condition
  • Final Fantasy 8 (The case is fucked up a bit, but the CDs are in great condition), NOT the “Greatest Hits” version. The original. [PS1]
  • Power Stone [DC]
  • Marvel vs. Capcom [DC]
  • Evolution [DC]
  • HORI Fighting Stick 3
  • Bleach [PSP], Japanese Version
  • Pokemon Blue Version [Gameboy]
  • Pokemon Green Version [Gameboy], Japanese Version
  • Pokemon Gold Version [Gameboy]
  • Pokemon Stadium 2 [N64], Japanese Version
  • Yu-Gi-Oh: The Eternal Duelist Soul [GB Advance]
  • Starfox 64 [N64]
  • Pokemon Snap [N64]
  • Kare Kano Manga vol. 1-12 (1-4 have been read through once, 5-12 have never been read)
  • Toronto Blue Jays World Series Vintage Films DVD, never opened, still in plastic wrap
  • PS3 Controller

hit me up on aim about this

Don’t want to jack your thread, but I’m looking for a copy as well if anyone who doesn’t sell to epp1e wants to get ahold of me.

epp1e, if this post is a problem for you, shoot me a pm and I’ll gladly delete it. I just thought I’d let people know I was looking in a thread that was already here instead of creating another one just like it.

S’all good

Dude, that sucks, find your brothers friend and stab him with a knife and steal your games back. Or at the very least steal your games back.

Right on man.

I got a copy I was trying to trade on here a while back. If I would trade it I would like to get a stick for it. A HRAP2 would be ideal but I would probably settle for a tekken or SFAC stick too. If anyone had an HRAP2 I could add a little money or add a memory card with everything unlocked.