Wtb/t sixaxxis pcb or dual shock 3 pcb (axis adapter compatible)

wtb or trade sixaxxis pcb or ps3 dual shock (axis adapter compatible) also, im looking 4 a TE case , ps3 madcatz wireless fightpad.

im also looking for :

sanwa clear buttons .
Ps3 games: soul calibur, heavenly sword, 3d dot game heroes, modnation racers, ninja gaiden zigma 2.

blueray: sweeney todd. moulin rouge, closer, chloe, silenthill.

this is what i have:


distric 9 - 20

wall-e - 20

percy jackson - 20

angels and demons - 20

and a lot more just ask!!!

xbox 360 games:

lego batman - 20

lego indiana jones - 15

pure - 10

skate 2 -15

fear 2 - 25

bayonetta (on hold, kasprfoto)

kung fu panda - 10

stranglehold - 15

mass effect 1 - 20

fairy tale fights - 10


blacksite area 51

batellfield 2

spectral force

PS3 games: devil may cry 4, yakuza 3, ninja gaiden zigma, assassins creed.

more stuff:

xbox 360 20gb harddrive

pelican ps2 to ps3 (on hold, kasprfoto)

2 dreamcasts

2 phat PSP 's

3 ps3 blueray lenses

5 xbox 360 dvd lenses

2 xbox (the old ones)

2 sfac arcade stick pcbs

happ buttons and joystick

sfac arcade stick case ( its abit fucked lol)

I also have lots of psp, xbox 360 , ps3 replacement parts ( used)

psx and ps2 cords.

added items.

Hows the condition of Devil May Cry 4 ?

no scratches at all.

How much?

im looking for trades only.

for now.

added items.

looking for a ps3 fight pad wireless (trade)

added xbox 360 games

Pm Sent

added blurays


You in to sellling that copy of DMC4?


I have a sixaxxis pcb, if you still need one


Are you only looking for trades for a PS3 FightPad and TE Case?

pm sent to kazujiro


Sent pm