WTB: T5 cord

Looking to buy a T5 cord. Pm me so that we could negotiate.

man t5 cords must be super fragile cause everyone i know needs them.

i ended up just rewiring my friends stick to a ps1 pcb and putting the hori pcb on the shelf when his cord got shredded.

gl on the hunt.

I already have psx pcbs wired up and such but I got a bit P.O.ed when I told a friend that I had an extra T5 cord laying around that I could swap in for him after I modded his T5. Come to find out the damn thing doesn’t work so he had to stick with a crappy cord.

If push comes to shove I’ll end up just replacing the pcb. I don’t want to because I put the effort into soldering the board.

this one?


Yes please that one. How much?

12$ shipped

I’ll take it just pm me ur paypal address

will a t5 cord work on a HRAP? If so i might need to cop one myself

edit: i have 2 more if you wanna take a chance. one is a t5, and i’m 90% sure one is from a hrap 3 cuz it fits into the pcb. i also have a vf4 hori cord but it’s attached to the pcb. color code is the same on the wires so you could always twist em on. hrap3 pcb has all the buttons pre-wired if you’re lookin for a no-solder (i kept the disconnects tho, it’s just the clipped wires).

if you got any left, id gladly take one =)

Er… I’m sure you meant HRAP2??? Because HRAP3 is usb. =P

ok. dude kept calling it hrap3 so i wasn’t sure. they’re all t5’s to me :slight_smile:

100% sure T5 cords work in a HRAP. Have a T5 cord in my HRAP right now >.>

anymore available?

i have one. i am charging 20 shipped.