Wtb- t5 mounting screws

Hi, i am looking for the mounting screws that mounts the t5 stock hori joystick to the mounting plate. I bought an empty t5 case from someone and the screws were missing =(. I believe the size is like 4-40 x 1.25". I couldn’t find this size at home depot. Hit me up with price and shipping. Thanks in advance.

Really, I would have guessed them to be a pretty standard size screw. Maybe it’s some weird Japan-only measurement.

They had the right diameters but none long enough :shake:.

That… that’s just… SO lame! :amazed:

Jeez, best of luck. If you can’t find any you might as well just put a Sanwa JLF in instead. I thiiiink this uses normal screws.

i am putting a sanwa jlf in it… and it requires the exact same screws to mount on haha =(

IIRC, a friend of mine lost the screws to his T5. He found replacements at Osh. They were too long, so I used a dremel to grind them down a bit. I couldn’t find my cutting attachment =\

Thanks tingboy ima go check it out tomorrow. Luckily i have an osh about 3 miles away from here… hopefully they will have in stock 1.125" hole saws too for a reasonable price.

I think I might have some, I have to look and make sure I didn’t throw it in the trash when I took them out. If I do, I’ll just throw it in an envelop and send them out free of charge. I will let you know tomorrow.

that would be great!