WTB T5 Plexi

Looking to buy a T5 Hori Plexi cover for my stick. I’m in the process of modding mine, and have no way to cut plexi. PM me with price if anyone has any extra or is able to make one. I would prefer to have all 8 button holes.

i am also looking for the same service. maybe making 2 will help

or 3 =)

I am suprised I don’t see anybody offering services like these. Somebody who is skilled with this sort of stuff could make a boatload of cash doing so.

Indeed, im also in need of a Plexi Cut for a Red Octane stick case that i’m modding right now.

if someone is indeed cuttin plexies for the t5’s, id like to grab a spot in line.

Guess I’ll throw in my two cents as well to say that someone should start cutting plexi for T5’s to make some serious cash.

I need two as of now, possibly 3 in the future.

I need one 2.

what they said

i MIGHT be able to get them. i need an EXACT sizing you want. like i need a template with sizes and shit. if you can get me one i will find out how much it is.

Wow, same here. 8 buttons, with start and select at normal spot.

Would anyone be willing to design a template for the T5 layout (Exact measurements). I don’nt own a T5 stick

I got specialist laser cutting factory I know of (pretty much do anything), if some one could design a template I could get a quote from them, maybe do bulk order on these.

Just an idea, who’s up for it?

co sign.

Is this Plexi to replace the metal plate, or a thin piece to go over it?

Is T5 layout the same as HRAP1 layout? If so I have HRAP1 layout.

hrap1 layout is identical. just minus the switches

id be interested in this too, buying one i means

ref pics:
hrap1 - http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-m-49-en-70-5w3.html
t5hori - http://img.gamespot.com/gamespot/images/2005/hardware/reviews/tekken5stick/tekken5_screen001.jpg

How much are people willing to pay for one? We have a laser cutter were I work at and one of my friends has a t5 stick that I can use as a reference. No one answered if they wanted one to replace the top or a thin one to place over it. I’m counting close to 10 all together so far give or take. I’m fairly good at getting precise measurements but I’d need to know what width you guys want. Once I know if it’s worth getting into then I’ll ask how much my boss would charge me to do it. (Shouldn’t be that much since I’m the one doing it) Oh yea, would you guys want the screw holes drilled too? I assumed everyone could do that themselves, though. Actually, I remember that they’re squares now. I could do that if you wanted to.

I got a Red Octane joystick that im modding, and i need a plexi cover, beause this one is all scratched up, i dont know if somebody has the exact measurements, but this is how it looks:



if somebody has the measurements would be really helpfull, but if not, ill try to get them today or tomorrow, and for the guys offering the service, how much this plexi cut would be??

See, I don’t know how much I would charge. Probably too lazy right now but later on today I’ll ask how much the sheets of plexi are in different widths and then I’ll calculate shipping and labor into it to come up with a decent price. I’m definitely sure I can do this now, though. We’ve done acrylic cuts before, that are probably 3 times thicker than the width of the hrap2 since that’s the only thing I own and can go by.

i’ve read .083 lexan fits well after the sticker is taken off.

anyone got template online?