WTB T5 shaft


As the title says , Im looking for a T5 shaft. Mainly a shaft that fits in a JLF But shorter on the top half and the same length on the bottom. Ill take multiple if possible.

Ive got a shaft from ther wii fightstick for trade.

Also looking for Sanwa Flash1’s
Original green mesh ball

Ive also got stuff to trade.
some TPMA’s
Wire harnesses balltops

Just ask I may have it . thanks!


I have a Namco shaft. I’m not sure if it’s the same size as the T5 shaft but I have a strong feeling that it is. It’s definitely shorter than the JLF.


Im pretty sure its different. Thanks though , Ill do some research and get back to you. If you can compare it top a JLF shaft that would be great . I need it to be shorter on the top, but the same on the bottom.

once again, thank you.


If the Namco Shaft was same as Hori Tekken 5 Shaft, then I would not still be looking for.
Toodles would not be using Hori Tekken 5 Shaft in his Namco Arcade Stick either.

Namco Shaft is same as Hori Fighting Stick EX2 and Fighting Stick 3.
I have Sanwa JLF Shaft, Namco Shaft and Fighting Stick EX2 Shaft to compare right now.


oh my bad.

Did he swap the shafts for extra length? I use a Namco stick for my TE and I changed the shaft to a JLF cus the Namco’s was too short.

How big is the T5 shaft compared to a JLF’s?


Wish I knew.
I never saw a comparison picture of Sanwa JLF Shaft to Hori Tekken 5 Shaft. :sad:


I know Agetec shaft is bigger and thicker then jlf shaft. Here is pic of my left over shaft from bought parts.

From left to right.

The smallest is from virtua sega clone stick, 2 is from sammy ps2 stick, 3 is from jlf stick, last is from agetec stick.


i have 2 t5 joysticks for sale$5 for the pair. you can disassemble them and use the shafts.
Its in my lastest WTS thread


I’ll take em’


That Sammy Shaft looks cool.
Wonder if it is same as Hori Tekken 5.


BTW JD, Fedor Emelianenko is the baddest man on the planet! Great fighter too!


aj to the rescue :slight_smile:


well I guess aj’s arent in very good condition so im still looking. please be in good condition.


I just gutted a T5. I can’t figure out how to remove it.


This is as far as I got. As long as you can do the rest, it’s yours for $5.


Remove the Clip at end of Shaft.
You will then able to take out Shaft.


Awesome thanks.




I’ll take it!


First time seeing a Hori Tekken 5 Shaft.

How is it compared to Sanwa JLF Shaft?
Is it really same length from bottom where Pivot is?
And the top length from where Ball Top is shorter to be?



I really need a new camera. lol


payment sent, also can you take a side by side shot of the shaft next to a jlf shaft. that would be like totally awesome!