WTB: T5 Stick Mod x2

So, I’ve got 2 Anniversary Collection T5 sticks sitting around (picked 'em up for $10 each) and while they’re fine as back up sticks, I’d love to get them modded with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts. Since I have zero experience with electronics or building of any sort, I figure it’d be best to leave it to the pros to do it. I’ll pay for the shipping both ways, parts, and extra for the labor as well. Preferred payment method = Paypal.

Anyone interested?

Do you need these modded really quick? Or 2 to 3 weeks turn around OK (from agreement until getting them back in your hands)?
Do you care if it uses original PCBs or do you want official sony pcbs in there?

I’m in no rush… 2-3 weeks turnaround is perfectly fine, and I probably won’t get the chance to ship them for a while anyways. Official Sony PCBs would be preferable, but I’m alright with digital as opposed to DS1s.

if rockcho does the mod for you and changes the pcbs, anyway i can get the t5 pcbs from u (if rock desolders everything as opposed to dremeling that is?)

machina. Let me tell you this is quite pricy. Shipping bothways will run you about 30-40 and then around 25-50 for labor and then around 80 for parts which comes out to like 150 and you could just get 2 hrap3s for a bit more. Just my 2 cents.

Chippermonky speaks the truth. :wink:

However, just off the top of my head, he can just unscrew the big metal plate at the bottom and then uncrew the joystick & cut off the wires. The meat of the mod is the top panel, if he doesn’t want the plastic shells painted. Two metal plates (minus stock sticks attached) + PCBS can definitely fit into a flat rate Priority Box. Hell, you could even stick 2 joysticks in there too as long as the stick isn’t attached to the plate and parallel to the lenth of the box.

Ooo… I just realized he says he doesn’t have any experience with building things in general… putting the top plate back on is kind of tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing at all… but it’s not that difficult. Hrm…

Machina, I live in MD which isn’t too far from NoVA. If you want, I could do the mod. That would save you some money on shipping if you just drive up here. I’m also in NoVA at least once every two weeks.


And he’s way more experienced too.


Modding those those things are fun too. =P

they sure are. i have to empty ones just sitting here now. well one has an agetec pcb inside. but yes fun indeed.

I have a fully modded (sanwa) T5 stick i am thinking about selling. You can have the modded T5 stick without the parts or with them in. I also have a new(never been used) in the box T5 stick I am about to put on ebay laater this week with some other items but if there are any on this forum interested let me know.

[EDIT] Heres pics and details on what I described above:

SOLD : Sanwa stick and buttons including sanwa button covers and I used “Dura-Lar” over the artwork because its rubbery and is very comfortable for longer playing sessions more so than hard plastic. You can swap out the artwork.



T5- In box: $37 + shipping



Thanks for the advice, guys. I was planning on being conservative as far as parts go, but I know that any way you slice it, this is going to be pretty expensive…

Paik: Hmm, maybe figuring out a time when we’re both in NoVA might be the best way to do this… I’m currently in Charlottesville for work, but I still stop by the metro DC area whenever I get a couple of days off. Check your PMs.

Fallback: That stick is some hot work and the Dura-Lar surface sounds great, but I really want to do something with the sticks I’ve got laying around. Thanks for the offer nonetheless.

Fallback you got my pm?

All PM’s answered.

Update: The Sanwa modded T5 is SOLD First to pay gets the other.