WTB T5 stick

I saw a t5 stick a while ago on the trading outlet, it was all black and the top plexi was also black made from arthong I think? It has the last 6 buttons only and the select&start buttons was covered with the black plexi and moved to the front. let me know if you have anything similar. Thanks!

If you have an empty black t5 case it’ll work too

The T5 is just an hrap1 without a turbo panel I have a fully functional 1 modded for ps3 and an empty hrap1 shell how much are u looking to spend

I’ve also got an empty T5 shell

  • faceplate painted with black Rustoleum, modded for 30mm buttons, Sanwa or Seimitsu, drilled support for JLF’s, LS-32/-33/-40/-55/-56/-58; you need flat mounting plates for the joysticks but they should all hang and screw onto the mounting screws I installed on the faceplate; way more versatile than the stock, unmodded faceplate. Even if you stick with JLF, it moves noticeably easier and you can use both dustwashers the way they were intended to be used with the JLF.
  • hole drilled in the center back for RJ-45 passthrough adapter.
  • shell is painted red on top part, middle black, thinner yellow trim on bottom.

PM me (Start a Conversation with me) and we’ll see if we can make a deal.

I’ll send pics if requested…

I’m not very familiar with the t5 and hrap1 or whatever, but as long as it’s black can you guys post up pictures of the empty shell one, I don’t know alot about mounting but I like my joystick to be pretty long so flat mounting is the way right?? since a regular ps2 t5 usually goes for 50 shipped I can do 40 shipped or less for an empty one. thanks for helping!

I have a t5 shell. It’s a little beat up and it needs screws (you can get them from home depot cheap). Yours for $30 shipped if interested.

can you guys convo me pictures? thanks a bunch

anyways I’m looking for something like this http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a324/X_EGO_BRAIN_X/IMAG0033.jpg so I was thinking I should just buy an empty t5 shell and just buy the top plexi from arthong and buttons&sticks myself

Going to buy one from the realyst, thanks everyone for looking!