WTB: Taito Vewlix L (or equivilant)

I’m looking for a domestic seller that can provide me with a Vewlix cabinet, new or used. Due to my current schedule there is no way I would be able to pick it up unless someone very, very close to me happens to want to get rid of one. I will need to have it shipped, and I will pay for all shipping charges.

A two player panel is preferred, but not necessary. I do not require the unit have any type of board in it, but I am willing to purchase if the price is good. If you happen to have one, or know where I can get one I would be very appreciative. Thanks.

dont you know kray make vewlix clones and he happens to live near you? he lives in fort worth texas so you will save so much no having to have it shipped


u would just need pcbs for the sticks and stick parts which you can get from here or lizard lick and the tv just has to meet the requirements of 32x4x21.5

and you can pay extra for a 1 player panel

I’m not interested in a clone thats made of MDF, unfortunately. I need something of commercial grade, but thank you for the information.

Use the internets broham. Coinop express is the only shop I’ve delt with and your looking at 2200 said and done.
shoot me a pm if you need details…

I’ve found what I’m looking for, if someone would please close this thread.