WTB: TE Bezel and Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons


[S]Hey there, I’m looking for the two aforementioned items. For the bezel, I would a red, black, or grey one. Maybe a white one will do.[/S]

I bought the bezel, thanks RoyalFlushTZ!!

For the push buttons, I only need four. I’d like a dark red button with the black rim. I would just get them from lizard lick, but they’re out of stock ATM.

I have paypal. I’ll pay $10 for the four buttons shipped and $10 for the bezel if it’s in good shape.



I have a red TE bezel and will sell for your price. I’ll PM you me PayPal email.


I have a white bezel:

(Buttons, dust cover(s), ball tops and sleeve are no longer available.)