WTB: TE Bezels


Looking to TE Bezels. Any other color but red. No repainted bezels, please: paint must be the original coat. PM if interested.


Not sure if you already know about it, but you can buy them from here:
Arcade Sticks Parts Bezels - GameShark? Store
Unless you are looking to get them cheaper from someone who has already swapped their original one out? Good luck! :wonder:


Yeah, that was the whole plan. I was going to order from them eventually, but if anyone had any just lying around, I’d like to buy those first.

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:


i have a white bezel taken off a brand new chun-li TE stick. $15 shipped? i will send in a priority mail box with peanuts or something. let me know if you’re down. pm me