WTB TE cable box, 360fightpad, used jlf

Looking for a TE cable box, the whole thing including the cable door, I bought two cases and the guy said they were missing the cable door, so I thought it was just the flap . Turns out he removed the whole box lol so I know its a long shot .Hopefully someone has some of them , I need 2

Also looking for a cheap Fightpad for 360 any character

Also looking for a used Sanwa JLF and 1 seimitsu ls-32
I would like to pay under $20 plus shipping as I can get a new one for $20 with balltop and mounting plate.

Also need an orange bubble top / red bubble top aswell

PM’d - White 360 TE PCB and all internals from a Blazblue TE

I think I might have a panel from the SE somewhere. It should fit the TE. PM me if interested

I also have a 360 turbo panel for trade/sale if you’re interested .

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