WTB: TE Fightstick


I am looking to buy a Round 1 TE (Xbox360 or PS3). I am located in the SoCal area. Thank you.


price on chun stick?


Got a dual mod Round 2 TE if you’re interested in a trade. lemme know =)


Im willing to trade, but shipping will hurt unless you’re located in SoCal. =T


i’ve shipped TE’s before within the US. last i checked it was around $15.


I’m interested in the Chun TE-S for 360. I have a full Sanwa SE with art work on it for 360 for trade I could do that + some cash if you’re interested.

Edit - Here’s the link to the SE if you’re interested.


@kasprfoto: you’re right, UPS ground is about that price. Thanks for the heads up.
@larsoney: Im not looking to trade for an SE, sorry. Im mainly interested in TE’s.


Still looking :slight_smile:


ugh i have an extra TE round 1 I’m trying to sell but I’m in Hawaii. I think the shipping would be hella expensive.


pm sent.


pm sent.


@ underworld: How much were you thinking of selling it for? My zip code is 91780. How much would shipping be?


I was gonna sell it for $140 cause its brand new. Its still in the box it shipped in from madcatz.


I have MvC PS3 stick. looking for $100… PM me for detals! Located in Socal also.


PM sent


Still looking :slight_smile:




All PM’s replied. Still looking though :slight_smile:


I guess no one is willing to part with their Eightarc PS3 Pearl :frowning:


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue: