Like the title says i am looking for a TE keychain. I honestly do not know the going price for one of these but i have wanted one for a while but they never surface to ebay so i decided to hit up the forums. I will be out for the day but please send me pms and i will get back to you by the end of the night. Thanks.

i’m down for some as well

they usually go for 25-30 shipped

I have one of the new and rare GOLD TE Keychains! Ill ship it out to someone for 25$ :o

are y’all looking for a red or blue one?

Got a Keychain. Mods please close.

25? thats a steep price for a hex key keychain

i think that’s a bit too high as well, but if that’s the going price… XD

I have no idea what you said in this post, I’m too distracted by that avatar.

it is hypnotic,eh?!

LOL at NCR they were giving out gold TE keychains with the purchase of even just a couple 3 dollar buttons. :smiley:

I also recall them just tossing a box of gold TE keychains into the crowd . Guys really, you should just wait for evo weekend when they offer them free with a purchase at the madcatz store (of course if they do that again this time)

i do have gold ones for sale… PM me…