WTB: TE Keychain

Looking for a TE stick keychain. Post or PM with color and price. Thanks!


I got gold ones for trade

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when did they have gold ones? At a certain tourney?

They had it in NCR9. I have one.

E3 was the first Event the Gold TE Keychain give.
And then ReveLAtions and then NorCal Regionals.

Four Aura Blue, sixteen Gold. :wgrin:

Omg that’s a lot haha.

i dont have a gold 1 :frowning: lol

Sorry to derail… I don’t have one, but have any of you actually carried these around on you keychains? Just seems like that little joystick could break right off if you weren’t careful? Does it feel sturdier than it looks?

Yea I carry mine around. It’s not broken so it looks sturdy to me. I had a round one TE keychain and tried to break that one btw… It’s possible but you would have to try pretty hard to do with your bare hands.

I may have some.

the gold ones look cool.

I got one of the gold TE’s at MLG Columbus from Biittersweet. The stick is really sturdy, it CAN break off (friend of mine’s did in the past) but I don’t see why NOT use it, why own a keychain if you’re not going to put it on your keys.

Sorry to hop onto this thread, but after the Original poster has gotten his key chains, I would like to buy two for myself. R1 or gold would be great. PM me lemme know!

do these keychains include a tool to open the TE’s also?

awesome, thnx jdm, in that case, i would like to purchase one of these keychains as well, preferably Blue. (pls send pm)

jdm714, PM sent

Think I might have another one laying around. PM me if anyone needs one ;p

I’m interested in getting a gold one with the TE tool.