WTB : TE Kitty And N64 , Snes NES WTS or WTT SpackCE, Scanline Generator, Empty TE Shells , 3DS XL!


pics coming later

really want to buy a TE kitty. will trade or just buy. Will consider trading for a full stick and ill just remove the pcb and sell the shell but really only want the te kitty

Also buying N64 And Snes games. also anything retro


Sparck CE :40 shipped

Toddle Scanline Generator kit : 20 shipped

2 Empty TE Stick With Sanwa Buttons RD1 : 45 plus shipping (each)

3DS XL Sealed : various colors : 175 . Most are 4.5 firmware or below if you care about that stuff.

ill be adding more stuff. Also if anyone wants any gaming stuff i will give discounts to the SRK community. i own a huge game store in covina, californa.


I’m interested in a empty te depending on pics…


scanline generator pending:


Any pictures on the empty TE sticks?


I’ll +1 that with the TE shell pictures.
Especially if the sides and cable door are intact.


What everyone else is saying. Let’s get them pics


I guess no pics