Hey guys im here again, and this time im in need of a METAL TE Panel.

Any, That fits RD2 which im sure is any of them

which one you want? i got the noir and the vewlix

can those fit a madcatz rd2 TE? Vewlix Preferred

and if possible Pic plz

i might have need to be more specific

this is it, its the 8 button rd 2 panel, but its got no art, just the metal panel, ive got it on my round 1 with a 6 button plexi and some black paper

20130324_211724 by anzhar, on Flickr

ive also got this noir panel, its removed from my sc5 stick so its got art on it and the art is mint

20130116_210730 by anzhar, on Flickr

no screws or bezels or anything, just the metal panels without sticks or buttons

If you are willing to part with the first one with te plexi too il gladly take it , pm sent

15 shipped for the noir? lmk