Wtb: Te ps3/wts: Ps3 se full sanwa!

I want a Marvel vs Capcom 2 TE stick and or R1 or R2 version.
Need PS3 version

I also have a PS3 SE modded with Full sanwa. Would like to sell.

I have a MvC2 TE, PS3 version. I swapped the sides and bezel out, though. They’re from a R1 TE, so the sides are white and the bezel is red. Still has the Marvel art and box.

I swapped the yellow buttons and balltop with white ones but still have the yellow ones if you’d prefer those.

PM me if you’re interested.

I bought a MvC2 few weeks ago & I just pre-ordered a SSF4 version few days ago. PM me your offer shipped (from Plano, Tx) for the MvC2.