WTB: TE Round 1 or any comparable stick you'd be willing to sell me for $90 (X360)


I am interested in a good quality 360 stick. I would be willing to take an SE for a good price, but I am mainly interested in a TE. If it’s used, it’s no problem, as long as it isn’t banged up or abused. I just want the thing to work when I get it in the mail.

Please respond with details about any modifications you’ve made, or if it’s a stick you made yourself, details on the stick’s parts, and how much it was used.

Thanks so much. $90 is a ballpark figure, btw.



LAST DAY OF SALE ROUND 2 TE STICK $100 free ground shipping


AIAB stick

taken from this thread: http://shoryuken.com/f226/wts-3-arcade-box-sticks-prices-lowered-8-9-a-244690/


Thanks so much guys, bought the Round 2 TE. A mod can close the thread.