WTB: TE Round 1 White Sides.. & name your price gentlemen *sides only*


I’m looking for… well… the title says it all. But more specifically, I’m looking for those that are in excellent condition. Very minor scratches are expected, but I am not interesting in anything heavily used/scuffed, anything with deep scratches or anything discoloured. So if you have something like new (or better yet new)? Make me an offer, it’s likely that I’ll entertain it.

And as an alternative option…
…if you have a R1 TE in excellent condition & wouldn’t mind parting with the sides, I can both pay you for yours & as well as ship you out my TE (white) sides so that this sale doesn’t result with you in an incomplete TE. I have a pair that are in great condition (my TE travels everywhere in a bag specifically purchased & padded just for it), a 7/7.5 out of 10 I’d say, but I’m looking for 8/8.5 or better. Okay… so this may all come out sounding a bit OCD (…& you’re probably right), but w/e, shutup & profit. = ]



I have a very lightly used (great condition) Round 1 TE for PS3, dual modded with a 360 pad and imp v2 so there’s only 1 wire. Not sure if you’re looking for a dual modded stick but if you are let me know via pm.


Just for clarity, I wanted to state that I am looking to purchase solely the removable white sides of the TE, not an entire TE joystick. I hope that helps.