WTB : TE-S 360 Black

Doesn’t have to be brand new, but it has to be pretty undamaged. No scratches on plastic case at all please. Look to pay $100ish shipped. Proven seller with good feedback take priority.

If you dont get any bites, keep an eye on MarkMans posts, he usually lets you know when Madcatz does a promotion, and it makes those sticks super cheap.

I’m gonna order another one prolly, next sale anyways… good luck

Unfortunatley Realyst You just missed above mentioned sale through Madcatz, ended on tues or wens. TE S were like 30% off I think, Round 2’s, which is what I ordered, were reduced to 100 shipped. They run a similer promo every few months, so that route is prob out of the question for you. BTW look for a sick Zangief TE up at project failure in the near future… I dont play up there all the time, but I have seen you up there once.

Thanks for the info guys. Hopefully I can snag one.

I may be able to take a White one as well.

Does no one have one or is $100 too low for people to want to sell? Let me know.

People have them, A LOT of people have em, lol, but maybe 100 shipped is too low, since shipping is 15 bucks or so. (most of the US)

I have a white one that I would sell for $115 shipped. Let me know.

I bought it as a spare and it was rarely used outside from a few friends.