WTB: TE-S Shell

Hey SRK, I’m Looking for a Mad Catz TE-S shell that I can use to to replace my SE shell which I am starting to hate.
My budget is $50 and whatever shipping is, please include pics of the shell.
Thank you for looking!

I think you’ll be hardpressed to find a shell at that price, but good luck.

how much do they usually go?

Around 50/70 Shipped

Damn! how much of that would be shipping??

I don’t know. That’s the prices I have seen in here.

Shipping’s usually $15 - $20 (FedEX/UPS ground or USPS parcel) if it’s around a TE size case. FWIW, I bought a Hori VX-SA case for $50 shipped so yeah expect to pay $50+ (including shipping) for a TE/HRAP case.