Regarding the TE S or TE I’d like it to be in great condition, I’m picky on the asthetics, so I don’t like scratches, knicks, artwork tearing, etc.

TE “S” would be my priority than TE.

Looking to sell a Dual Modded Hit Box that works on PS3, Xbox 360, PC for a price that can be discussed. The mod was done professionally by James La of J&J So Cal Modding. The acutal Hit Box ran me $160 and the mod cost me $125, so we can go from there :), so you have an idea of the amount I invested.

The Hit Box is Black with Red Movement buttons and Black Attack Buttons. It works great, I hardly used it because my MK9 broke a week after I got my Hit Box in late December, and it’s been sitting there ever since since I’m waiting on the Komplete Edition to release. It has a detachable USB cable.

I am looking to sell, or trade for a equal quality Arcade Stick, dual modded as well. Mint condition.

Here’s the pics of the mod that I received when it was being done from JDM. The ‘heart’ is his signature when doing these types of mods.


Thank You.

If you don’t believe that I haven’t got a Hit Box, please go ask James La. He’s a great guy, that has helped me loads regarding my noobish questions.


Pics of hitbox? I have a dual modded TEs with custom art on it


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking through them now. Please provide pictures if you can, :). I’m actually posting this up in 2 different Marketplaces.



It is true.
I did that Hit Box for Karried.

Although since after Karried, I changed my mounting system.
So I want to remod this Hit Box. :sad:


did you intentionally make a heart out of the wires on the right side? lol


Yes, all my #4716 Mods have the Heart there.
I do purposely as my signature.
Isn’t it cute?