gotta love the size of these pcbs. if anyone has any from a broken TE or SE stick please let me know if you are willing to sell the control PCB.

so i’ve amended my post to include already presoldered pads for 360 with QDs attached for seimitsu/sanwa buttons. preferably including RT/LT as well.

please post!

priority goes to the Te / Se pcbs if you have them.

thank you!

i just sent payment for all the te / se pcbs i need! thank you all who offered and pm’d !

i’ll post up another thread if i ever need anymore. thanks again.

control pcb, meaning the pcb that goes to the buttons/stick, correct? not the pcb that is connected to the turbo/guide button. pm me.

I’ve got one too. No cables at all though.

wtf I had a post for these even before this and nobody responded to mine… hook me up too people!

If you keep an eye out you can pick up new SE sticks at dell.com for like 35 bucks. Not sure how cheap you are trying to get then for

Yeah, Dell and Buy.com ocassionally have them for $35. Amazon had them for $40 for the longest time until SSF4’s release rolled around and then they jumped back up to the original $80 pricetag (go figure). It’s something to keep an eye out for in case no one has any to sell to you since hacked pads with QD’s are usually $40 and up anyway.

thanks for the suggestions. i didn’t even think of that. :slight_smile:

I have two TE 360 control PCBs. PM me if interested.

thanks again everyone! you’ve been great with the offers.
please close this thread if necessary.

funnel your offers toward me people!